Delayed Opening

Due to persistent warm and dry weather, as well as lack of solid coverage, Opening Day will be delayed. This will be reassessed at the beginning of next week. As of 11/30/2020 all passes have shipped. Pray for Snow!

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What to Expect This Season

  •  General COVID-19 Safety
    • Face coverings required inside all lodges, in lift lines, while loading and unloading lifts, and whenever 6' physical distancing cannot be maintained
    • Practice social distancing
    • If you arrive together, ride together on lifts
    • Hand sanitizer available in numerous locations in all lodges
    • Please don't visit if you're feeling sick
    • Ski Area operations may be limited, expanded, or modified at any time in response to changing circumstances.
    • Exemptions to the mask requirement will not be accepted. Skiing and snowboarding are not considered essential activities and therefore do not fall under the protections of the ADA or medical exemptions
  •  Reservations
    • Reservations required for all skiing and riding and will open online at 9am three days out
    • Reservations are available until sold out including day of
    • If unable to use reservation, cancel via email to allow friends and neighbors to have an opportunity to ski and ride
    • No limit to number of reservations during season.
    • Three or more no-shows will affect credit for 2021-22 season
    • 80% reservations for pass holders & 20% for day tickets and other users
    • Open season with approx. 1,500 spots moving to approx. 3,000 as quickly as feasible (average daily skier visit 2,500)
    • Reservation transfers are not allowed
    • Reservation 'How to Guide' to come as soon as possible
  •  Day Tickets and Passes
    • Passes have been shipped and will arrive prior to Opening Day
    • New reloadable and reusable RFID cards (Bridger Bowl Card)
    • Online reservations are required for all skiing and riding
    • Families and groups will be able to make reservations together
    • Reservations checked upon arrival
    • Replacement fee for lost Bridger Bowl Cards $5 each
    • Season pass cancellation refund date of November 20, 2020
  •  Seasonal and Day Lockers, Shoe & Bag Check
    • Seasonal and Day lockers not available
    • Use of vehicles for bag storage and changing boots encouraged
    • Shoe & Bag Check available on the first floor of the Jim Bridger Lodge, no skis or snowboards
    • No overnight storage
    • Unattended bags will be removed and taken to the Shoe & Bag Check
  •  Snowsports
    • Limited lesson sizes
    • New Private Lessons; create a group of friends or family with up to 5 people
    • New Max 3 Group Lessons; semi-private lesson with a maximum of 3 participants
  •  Food and Beverage and Lodges
    • Face coverings required inside all lodges
    • Reduced capacity of all the mountain lodges
    • Grab and go food options
    • Restroom facilities will be frequently cleaned and sanitized
    • Snowflake Hut will be closed for the season
    • All guests must ski/ride, no camping out in lodges
  •  Rental, Retail and Repairs
    • All Rentals located in Saddle Peak Lodge
    • Online reservations required for all rentals
    • Retail located in Jim Bridger Lodge
    • Tuning and Repair located in Jim Bridger Lodge
  •  Parking and Buses
    • Reservations checked upon arrival
    • Parking lot shuttles will run daily (or as needed)
    • No bus service
  •  Lift Operations
    • Face coverings required in lift lines and while loading and unloading lifts
    • Lift lines spread out to create more distance
    • No singles lines
    • If you arrive together, ride together on lifts
    • Guests will not be required to ride lifts with people they don't know
    • Bridger Bowl Cards will be scanned at all lifts

COVID-19 Public Notices

Updated November 12, 2020

Bridger Bowl Association Letter

Updated October 28, 2020

Winter 2020/21 Season Pass Refund Policy:
Bridger Bowl has updated our refund policy for this year to give you some peace of mind when purchasing a pass. If you decide to request a refund on your pass, for any reason, through November 20th, Bridger Bowl will honor your request (minus a $20 per transaction fee) with no questions asked as long as the request is made prior to, or on, that date.

Winter 2020/21 Season Pass Guarantee:
After November 20th, Bridger Bowl will offer a prorated credit toward a 2021/22 season pass due to a mandated closure, stay at home order due to COVID-19, or other pandemic related circumstances, (i.e. – a pandemic or COVID shutdown due to a breakout). Weather, mechanical or electrical issues are standard operating risks and will not be considered pandemic related for credit purposes. All credits will be based on posted open and closing dates (Dec. 04 – Apr. 04), and the purchase price of your pass. Best practices for this season will include operating at reduced capacity and under a strict “Reservations Required” protocol. Repeated no shows within the reservation system will count as days skied and will be applied to any pass credit as days skied. That said, we all hope that it will not come to that.

  • After November 20th, if we are unable to open for the season due to COVID-19 or other pandemic related circumstances, passholders will be entitled to a 100% pass credit to the 2021-22 season. Example: A family of 4 (2 Adults, 1 Young Adult and 1 Junior, all purchased on the same transaction) will receive a full credit.
  • Once open and prior to February 01, 2021, if Bridger Bowl has to close due to pandemic related circumstances, we will issue a 45% credit on all pass purchases.
  • After February 01, 2021, Passholders will receive a 5% credit per day for total days skiing/riding short of 6 days this season due to a COVID-19 related closure. Example: 4 reservations used 6 - 4 = 2 x 5% = a 10% credit based on their purchase price. Maximum credit will be 30% of purchase price.
  • Passholders abusing the open reservations system with excessive no-shows will have those no-show days count as ski days against any closures due to a shutdown, as defined above. Example: 20 reservations made, 10 actual ski days used = 20 ski days applied, a 0% credit will be applied.
  • Credits are non-transferrable and can only be used toward the purchase of a Season Pass for Winter Season 2021/22 (not eligible to be used on any other products or seasons).
  • Credit will be determined by Bridger Bowl after scheduled closing day April 4th, 2021
  • Determination of COVID-19 closures effect on pass use and related credits are at the sole discretion of Bridger Bowl.
  • Information on how to redeem credit will be communicated to passholders once amount is determined and process is in place through our ticket/pass office.
  • This guarantee is only in place for a resort closure due to COVID-19 related issues, not if a guest cannot use a pass for any other reason, including due to becoming sick with COVID-19.

Bridger Bowl embraces our community and over the past couple of weeks, we have heard you, understand your concerns, and very much appreciate the outpouring of support for the hard work we have done to ensure Bridger Bowl opens. With that said, and based on very solid pre-season pass sales, we will indefinitely suspend further season pass sales as of Thursday, October 29, 2020. The safety and comfort of our employees and guests is our utmost priority. We will, however, continue to sell pass products not affected by pre-season discount prices which include Preschool, Senior, Senior Midweek and Super Senior Passes for the next week. We plead with our community to understand this decision does not come lightly. We are happy to open sales of our new Any Day Packs, which allows for 3-5 days of skiing or riding, may be used any day during the season, and have no holiday blackouts. In regard to COVID-19 as we assess current transmission rates and what this season will ultimately look like, we want to thank you for your patience and loyalty.

With reservations being required for all skiing and riding this season due to the pandemic, all of you have been asking for numbers. At this time, reservations will open online as far as three (3) days out, at The total number of reservations available will be based on previous years daily averages with a “COVID margin”. Our goal is that our passholders have ample opportunity to join us this season with as few roadblocks as possible. We will be allocating 80 percent, and occasionally more, of reservations to Season Passholders on a daily basis. The remaining 20 percent will be split between tickets and local groups. Additionally, an opportunity to reserve last minute spots that have not been utilized by these other groups will open to Season Passholders the evening before.

Out of social responsibility to our community, we need to limit the number of people on the mountain due to the pandemic and we ask you to use or cancel your reservations if you can’t make it so our friends and neighbors have a fair chance to ski this season as well. Our new scanners allow us to monitor and confirm no-shows, and if two reservations are made and folks don’t show up to use them, we will be reaching out to you with gentle reminders to please show up or let us know ahead of time so we can open that spot up for others in our community. If there is a third no-show it will count towards any credits for the 2021-22 season if we have to shut down again due to COVID-19. More information on specifics to book a reservation will be released in plenty of time before spots are opened up.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we navigate these uncertain times. We are working hard to do the very best we can to open, and stay open, while giving our community the opportunity to enjoy the mountain this winter. We are all in this together.

For the most up to date information on the 2020/21 season please read Bridger Bowl's Winter Operational Plan below.

Winter Operational Plan

Updated July 29, 2020

For more information on the upcoming season please read the Letter to the Community below.

Letter to the Community

Updated July 15, 2020

2020/21 Community Commitment Policy

Due to the ongoing impacts of COVID-19 and our commitment to best serve our guests, Bridger Bowl has made advances and adjustments to our season passes, policies and buying process.

All pass/ticket products may be subject to social distancing standards. In the event daily guest allowance (number of people allowed on mountain at one time) restrictions become necessary for the 2020/21 season, announcements and details will be released at that time.

  • No price increase on season pass or day ticket products
  • Payment plan now available for Season Pass products beginning July 2020
    • 0% interest
    • Number of payments based on initial purchase date (payments divided equally by number of months remaining up to November 15th)
    • Installments automatically charged monthly on the 15th of each month
    • Installments must be completed by November 15th.
  • Early season pricing will continue to remain valid only until October 15, 2020
  • Covid-19 Commitment: Cancel any time prior to November 20, 2020, for any reason, for a refund (minus $20 processing fee). A plan for opening will be released by the first week of November. Please allow, refund requests up to two weeks to process.

2019/20 COVID-19 Credit Policies:

  • Due to the close proximity of the closure to the end of the 2019/20 season, Season Passes will have no credits issued for the 2020/21 season. Please see the Bridger Bowl Covid-19 Commitment for the 2020/21 season.
  • Day Ticket Products unused in 2019/20 will be honored for the first three (3) weeks after opening day. This will be done in the fall through the new estore.
    • For Bridger Bowl issued ticket products, please establish a new Bridger Bowl online account and contact
    • For Partner issued ticket products, please establish a new Bridger Bowl online account and contact your organizations program manager

Updated April 13, 2020

There is still no access to the base area lodges until further notice as we are trying to keep our employees safe and healthy by not permitting them to work on-site. Seasonal locker holders will not be required to clean out lockers this year and should check the website for the most up to date information on access.

Updated March 24, 2020

Bridger Bowl closed for the season Sunday, March 15, 2020 at noon. Although there were no confirmed cases of COVID-19 at Bridger Bowl, we closed in order to do our part in limiting the spread of the virus. After careful consideration, we concluded that closing for the season was the way we could help to protect the health of our guests and employees.

We at Bridger Bowl are skiers and snowboarders at heart, we are members of our vibrant community and we understand how this impacts our staff, and our community and visitors from afar. This decision was not made lightly, our commitment to safety is of utmost importance.

Given the extenuating circumstances related to COVID-19, we have relaxed our cancellation policies for online tickets and lodging reservations. Please email with inquiries.

There is no access to the base area lodges until further notice as we are trying to keep our employees safe and healthy by not permitting them to work on-site. Seasonal locker holders will not be required to clean out lockers this year and should check the website for the most up to date information on access.

Deposits on performance skis will be honored and people will be contacted when more information is available.

Due to the majority of Bridger Bowl donations issued for large social gatherings, donations have been suspended indefinitely. All donations at this time have been denied. Once it is safe for our community to come together donation requests will be available online. At that time, if your event is rescheduled, please re-submit a donation request.

A Letter from the General Manager

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