Delayed Opening

Due to persistent warm and dry weather, as well as lack of solid coverage, Opening Day will be delayed. This will be reassessed at the beginning of next week. As of 11/30/2020 all passes have shipped. Pray for Snow!

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Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

  • Do I need to make a reservation?

    Reservations are required for the Learn to Ski in 3, child care, First Tracks and Multi-Week programs. Though not required, reservations are recommended for other lessons.

  • What should I wear?

    That will depend on the day’s weather. Dress in layers, you can always remove extra clothing if you are too warm. New synthetic base layers will keep you warm and dry. Top with a turtle neck, polarfleece sweater, parka, ski or snowboard pants, hat, goggles or sunglasses, mittens or gloves, a pair of ski socks and sunscreen!

    Helmets are available for rent. Mittens are warmer than gloves and should be waterproof. A trick the pro’s use to keep their feet warm is to change into a second, dry pair of ski socks at lunch.

  • What should I bring?

    Extra clothing, purses, backpacks, street shoes can be stored in the Ski & Bag Check in the Jim Bridger Lodge or in coin lockers in either base lodge. Cafeteria style food is available in each base lodge and sit down dining at Jimmy B’s in Bridger Lodge.

    If you forget an item, the Ski Shop carries ski socks, sunglasses, goggles, hats & gloves, sunscreen, lip balm and other accessories that are sometimes necessities.

  • What time should I arrive at the ski area for my lesson?

    We suggest arriving about one hour before the lesson time, especially if you will be renting equipment and over the holidays. Be at the lesson meeting place 15 minutes prior to the lesson start time.

  • Where should I go first?

    Come directly to the Snowsports counter on the 2nd floor of Saddle Peak Lodge. Our friendly and attentive staff will set you up with lift tickets, lesson tickets, and rentals.

    If you will be checking a child into Playcare’s First Tracks and need to rent equipment, we will give you a rental voucher so that you may pick up the child’s equipment along with the rest of the family’s at the Snowsports counter prior to dropping the child off at the Playcare Center.

  • Where do lessons meet?

    Group and Private Lessons meet at the Snowsports Meeting Place banner on the mountain side of the Saddle Peak Lodge. Lessons meet 15 minutes prior to the start time. Most Youth and Adult Multi-Week programs meet nearby. Please have your lesson ticket in hand and your equipment on.

Multi-Week Programs FAQs

  • What do I receive that shows I am enrolled?

    Upon receipt of your registration form and payment, we will create a personalized Program Pass. Your laminated Program Pass is available to pick up at the Snowsports Desk or will be mailed to you, time permitting, before the start of the season.

    The pass will have a color coded dot on it that corresponds to your ability level. Bring your pass with you each week (key rings to attach it with are available at the Snowsports Desk). The pass will also indicate if you have purchased the lift portion of the program.

  • When and where do lessons meet?

    Meet your instructor in the program meeting area on the mountain side of Saddle Peak Lodge at the flag that matches your color dot. Classes meet 15 minutes prior to lesson start time.

  • When are my children supervised?

    You are responsible for your child before you place the child with the instructor and after the lesson has ended. Please be prompt in picking up your child as the instructor may have another lesson starting immediately.

  • Are there make up days?

    The program cost provides an instructor for the scheduled program days. There are no refunds for missed lessons.

  • What happens if it is really cold?

    There are times when we must postpone a class a week due to adverse weather. We monitor several weather agencies and base our decision on factors such as overnight low, expected daytime high, wind speed, temperature inversions, etc. In the event of a weather postponement we will post a message on the morning snow phone (406) 586-2389. The program will then end one week later than originally scheduled.

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