Future Plans

Current Development Progress

Saddle Peak Lodge Extension Basement Construction - Summer 2016

The addition to the Saddle Peak Lodge was started in early July, with completion planned for fall 2017.

Phase I will complete the concrete and steel needed to support the structure for the Phase II completion next fall.

The second phase is planned to coincide with the completion of our new Snowsports learning area, to be located above the Ski Patrol building.

Saddle Peak Lodge Extension CAD PLan

Highlights SPL Addition (Effective 2017-18 Ski Season)

First Floor: Additional Seasonal Locker Rentals, Additional Bathrooms

Second Floor: New Snowsports Offices, Remodeled Playcare Facility, Expanded Employee Locker Room for Snowsports & Playcare

Saddle Peak Lodge Extension Foundation Construction - Summer 2016

Third Floor: Relocated and Expanded Program Rental Facility (A meeting area for Snowsports Ski P.E. Programs will replace the existing Program Rental area)

Fourth Floor: Additional Cafeteria Space, Additional Restrooms, Meeting and Storage Space

2015-2020 Key Recommendations

  • Relocation of Snowflake Lift to new beginner area
  • Installation of 2 surface conveyor lifts in the new beginner area
  • Replace Virginia City Lift with relocated lower terminal
  • Construct addition to Saddle Peak Lodge to adequately respond to Snowsports and rental operation needs
  • Installation of facilities for ski school warming areas, restrooms, eating areas and viewing areas
  • Construct remaining parking areas

Major Projects Completed

  • 2001 – Pierreā€™s Knob lift upgraded to triple chair and Base Area Wastewater System upgrade
  • 2002 – New Ski Patrol, Eagle Mount and BSF building
  • 2004 – Saddle Peak Lodge
  • 2008 – Schlasman's Lift and additional 311 acres lift-served ridge terrain
  • 2010 – New Bridger Triple Chair Lift
  • 2013 – New Alpine Triple Chair and Powder Park Lift increasing beginner intermediate terrain on the north boundary of the ski area

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