What's New

More Space in the Base

With the completion of the New Beginner Area expansion, which includes the relocation of the Snowflake lift and the repositioning of the new Virginia City lift base terminal, everyone will enjoy much more space to ski and maneuver about in front of Saddle Peak Lodge.

New Beginner Area @ Bridger bowl - Map

New Beginner Area

Bridger Bowl now has a new, expanded 7 acre beginner area located south of Saddle Peak Lodge. The Snowflake chairlift has been relocated to serve this beginner terrain expansion that can be accessed by two, covered conveyor lifts. A $15 Beginner Area lift ticket will be required for each participant with ski or snowboard equipment accessing this area.

  • Sundog Moving Carpet – (310 ft length)
  • Flurry Moving Carpet – (110 ft length)
  • Relocated Snowflake Chair Lift – (369 ft length)

New for December 2017

Snowflake Warming Hunt

At the top of new conveyor lifts in the new beginner area Bridger Bowl built a 600 sq ft heated viewing area with restrooms. This is an ideal location for families to watch their youngsters learn to ski or snowboard and for beginners of all ages to take a break and warm up.

Virginia City Lift

Bridger Bowl replaced the last of the old double Riblet chair lifts this summer. The new Virginia City triple chair is in the same location serving the same terrain elevation. The additional chair and line speed offered (with height adjusting loading conveyor for kids) will give us a 27% increase in lift capacity out of the base area.

Snowsports Desk and Office Location

All ski and snowboard lesson information and signups are housed in the new south wing of Saddle Peak Lodge (2nd floor). Bridger Bowl's Snowsports program rental shop and lunch area (3rd floor) are located in the new Saddle Peak Lodge addition. With close proximity to the new Beginner Area, all Snowsports and lessons meeting areas will be centralized.

Highlights of Saddle Peak Lodge Addition

  • First Floor
    • Seasonal Locker Rentals
    • Restrooms
  • Second Floor
    • New Snowsports Offices
    • Remodeled Playcare Facility
  • Third Floor
    • Program Rental Facility
    • Program Lunch Room
  • Fourth Floor
    • Additional Cafeteria Space
    • Restrooms
    • Meeting Space
    • Seasonal Locker Rentals

Retail Shop Location

Located across from the rental shop in the Jim Bridger Lodge (old Snowsports Desk) a new space is dedicated to retail sales. Moving retail to this location allows Bridger Bowl to expand equipment rental sales and service and better serve customers in both locations. The new retail space offers outerwear, outdoor clothing, T-shirts, hoodys, goggles, avalanche equipment and a wide variety of souvenirs.

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