This year rental reservations are required. A rental resevation does not guarantee a reservation to ski or ride, make sure a day reservation is made before a rental reservation.

8:30am - 4:30pm
3rd Floor Saddle Peak Lodge

Parent or guardian must be present for minor under 18

Rental Reservations

Watch the video to see an example of the Rental Reservation process, or read the written instuctions.

Understand skier type before renting skis —

Written instructions

  1. Before reserving make sure a Bridger Bowl Card has been purchased, and that you choose a type of rental (Standard or High Performance).
  2. Make a reservation to ski/snowboard. Reservations will be made available at 2:00pm, 4 days in advance.
    • If this date does not have spaces left you will see Not currently available and a rental reservation should not be made.
  3. Choose Continue Shopping on the bottom of the screen.
    • Any reservations in your cart will be held until the Cart Timer runs out, while you continue shopping.
  4. Scroll through the tiles and select either Standard Rental Packages or High Performance Packages.
    • Make a reservation for the same day as the reservation to ski/snowboard.
  5. Assign reservations
    • The same person must be assigned to both reservations.
    • If a person is not eligible for a rental product they will not be able to sign up
  6. Add required rental information
    • Follow the link Skier Type above if skier type is unknown.
  7. After all spaces are assigned, you can continue through the checkout process.
    • The person making the reservation can only complete waivers for themselves and any underage guests linked to their account.
    • All other guests will be emailed a waiver, which must be completed before coming to Bridger Bowl.
  8. Double check before completing that the reservation and rental reservation dates are the same.
  9. Once completed, you will be emailed a confirmation and a receipt.

Standard Rentals

Standard Rental Packages are a great choice for beginner to intermediate skiers and snowboarders looking to improve their skills on-piste.

Our Standard equipment is forgiving yet versatile. This rental option is recommended primarily for groomed runs, however, can be used to play in some fresh snow.

Adult Package
(Skis, Boots & Poles OR Board & Boots)
Adult Ski/Snowboard Only13–69
Adult Boots Only*13–69
Child Package
(Skis, Boots & Poles OR Board & Boots)
Child Ski/Snowboard Only7–12
Child Boots Only*7–12
Pre-Schooler 6 & under
Senior 70 & up
*$5 Binding test fee applies if using own skis

High Performance

Looking for this year's top of the line ski's and snowboards? Rent a High Performance Package and choose from a variety of skis and snowboards that fit the conditions.

The rental shop carries popular brands like Nordica, Rossignol, Völkl, Blizzard, Salomon and Never Summer.

High Performance Ski Package
High Performance Snowboard Package
Senior High Performance Package (70 & up)
High Performance Ski/Snowboard Only
Single Rental Items
Avalanche Transceiver (Age 18 & up)

($300 credit card deposit required)
Avalanche Transceivers are available in Jim Bridger Lodge retail store and are rented on a first come first serve basis.