Private Lessons

Book a private lesson and enjoy faster progress and the opportunity to explore the mountain at a customized pace.

From beginners looking to conquer the slopes with confidence to advanced skiers and riders aiming to explore the expert ridge terrain, Private Lessons offer personalized instruction tailored to meet individual needs.

Group Lessons

Discover the joy of skiing and riding in good company with an engaging group lesson!

Group lessons help refine skills by exploring beginner to intermediate terrain and enjoying the benefit of learning in a small group of similar ability levels.

Specialty Workshops

Specialty Workshop are designed to focus on improving specific skills.

Top notch instructors drill down on techniques to hone skills such as skiing moguls, steep slopes, carving or navigating ridge terrain.

Youth Multi-week Lessons

Have a 4 year old wanting to build a solid skiing foundation? Or a teen ready to safely tackle expert terrain?

Enroll in a Youth Multi-week program where students will grow in 5 lessons over 5 weeks!

Adult Multi-week Lessons

Adults looking to improve skills and make friends, sign up for an Adult Multi-week program!

Learn with adults of a similar ability level in a program consisting of 4 lessons over 5 weeks.

Adaptive Programs

Eagle Mount is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and its program is supported by more than 300 caring and adaptive trained volunteer instructors.

Lessons are designed for all adaptive skiers, including those with visual impairments, developmental delays, cognitive disabilities, spinal cord injuries, amputations, or those who are striving for independence.