Delayed Opening

Due to persistent warm and dry weather, as well as lack of solid coverage, Opening Day will be delayed. This will be reassessed at the beginning of next week. As of 11/30/2020 all passes have shipped. Pray for Snow!

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Know Before You Buy

Please read this page carefully before purchasing a 2020/21 Bridger Bowl pass product.

To review Bridger Bowl's Winter Operational Plan visit our COVID-19 information page.

Reservations are required for all skiing and riding this season.

New for 2020/21 Season

Bridger Bowl Card - Reloadable, Reusable & RFID

Starting winter 2020, all Bridger Bowl season passes, lift tickets, lessons and rental products will be loaded on the new BRIDGER BOWL CARD using RFID technology. The BRIDGER BOWL CARD simplifies access to the mountain and connects the cardholder’s information with their purchases. Create a new account online and reload your BRIDGER BOWL CARD with season passes, lift ticket products, rentals or lessons at any time. Skip the ticket window and go straight to the lift.

The new RFID Bridger Bowl Card must be purchased online for the 2020/21 season and will require registration with a new user profile. A one-time fee of $5 will be added to all first time Bridger Bowl Card purchases, except season passes. All user information is stored securely, strictly private and not accessible to other users or employees without permission.

Questions & Answers to 2020/21 Changes
  •   Is a payment plan offered?

    Yes, through October 15. Bridger Bowl’s payment plan creates easy, automated monthly payments for pass products. Purchases ON or BEFORE the 1st of the month will be charged again on the 15th of the month. Purchases made AFTER the 1st of the month will be charged again on the 15th of the following month. Full payment will be completed on November 15, 2020. Request the payment plan option at checkout. Incomplete or abandoned payment plan contributions are non-refundable. See Bridger Bowl’s Covid-19 Commitment policy for more information.

  •   What is Bridger Bowl’s 2020/21 refund policy?

    As part of Bridger Bowl’s Covid-19 Commitment, season passes may be cancelled at any time, for any reason, prior to November 20, 2020. A refund minus a $20 processing fee will be credited back to the card used to purchase the pass. Please allow, refund requests up to two weeks to process.

    After November 20, 2020, all season pass and lift ticket products are non-refundable.

  •   What is RFID?

    RFID, or Radio Frequency Identification, is a technology that encodes digital data and enables RFID-equipped cardholders hands-free access to lifts, reloading and reuse capabilities.

    All frequency cards formerly called the “BBC” or “Bridger Bowl Card” are invalid and not RFID.
  •   How do I log into my account?

    Bridger Bowl is using new software, therefore your old account is inactive and you will not be able to recover the password associated with it. Please create a new user account when prompted.

  •   Do I need a new pass photo for my Season Pass?

    Yes, this year everyone must upload a new photo when purchasing a Season Pass. Please follow all requirements for pass photos. However, your photo will not appear on the new RFID-equipped Bridger Bowl Card. It will be stored in your User Account and viewable to staff such as Lift Operators scanning your pass.

  •   Can I have my pass photo taken at Bridger Bowl?

    Not at this time.

  •   Can I pay for my Season Pass with cash or a check?

    Not at this time. All Season Pass sales are through the website and require a credit or debit card for purchase.

  •   When can I buy Ten Time and Frequency Cards?

    Ten Time and Frequency cards are no longer available. Bridger Bowl is now offering new Any Day Packs of 3, 4, and 5 days.

  •   Can I pick up my Season Pass at Bridger Bowl?

    Due to COVID-19, all Season Passes will be shipped free of charge.

  •   When can I purchase Lift Tickets?

    Lift Tickets are not available for purchase at this time. Please check back for updates.

  •   Will Day Lift Tickets and Any Day Packs be shipped?

    No. These products can be picked up at the ticket window, upon arrival on first day of use.

  •   How do I buy an Any Day Pack?

    A one time purhcase of a Bridger Bowl Card is required before Any Day Packs can be added to your account.

Please review Bridger Bowl's complete Season Pass Products Terms and Conditions.

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Any Day Packs— Choose 3-5 days this season, including holidays. May be used on nonconsecutive days.

Price Price Per Day
Any Day 3 pack $175 $58.33
Any Day 4 Pack $225 $56.25
Any Day 5 Pack $265 $53

Frequently Asked Questions

2019/20 Season Passes & Tickets

  •  Is Bridger Bowl offering any credit for last season’s passes?

    Due to the close proximity of the closure to the end of the 19/20 season, no credits will be issued for Season Passes. Bridger Bowl never guarantees the length of the operating season. Historically, many seasons have opened later or closed early due to snow safety, weather conditions or other unforeseen circumstances. The length of the season is not guaranteed, therefore Bridger Bowl does not give refunds or credit for any season passes.

  •  Is Bridger Bowl offering any credit for unused 2019/20 ticket products?

    Qualifying, day ticket products unused in 2019/20 will be honored for the first three weeks of the season after opening day. This will be done in the fall through the new estore. A User Account must be created online prior to receiving credit. Please contact partner organization's program managers for redemption details. Otherwise contact for further instructions.

    General Questions

  •   Is there an MSU student discount?

    To be fair to everyone in the community, all pass and ticket products are age based. There are no other discounts.

  •   Do I need to sign any agreements or risk forms for my Season Pass?

    Yes, all 2020/21 Season Passes will require a Season Pass Agreement/Notification of Risk signed at time of purchase. Passholders age 17 and younger must have the forms signed by a parent or legal guardian.

  •   When do discounted Season Pass sales end?

    Discounted pass sales end OCTOBER 15, 2020. Starting October 16, 2020 passes are sold at the regular price for the remainder of the season or until circumstances allow.

  •   What is the age cut-off date for the different Season Passes?

    Before October 15, pass type is determined by the passholder's age on October 15. After October 15, pass type is determined by the passholder's age on the date of purchase.

  •   Is there a Season Pass Family Discount?

    Yes, with the online purchase of an Unlimited Adult Season Pass, a family receives a $120 discount for every Junior Season Pass and $60 for every Child Season Pass. An additional $50 discount is applied to the second Unlimited Adult Season Pass (with the qualifying Unlimited Adult and Junior and/or Child passes purchased). All passes must be purchased in the same order. Discounts are applied directly at time of purchase. Family Discounts expire October 15, 2020 and are valid for parents or legal guardians of their children only.

  •   Can I buy a Season Pass as a gift?

    Yes, Gift Season Passes are available and now can be purchased online.

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