2020/21 Season Prices

Bridger Bowl now has RFID technology

Starting winter 2020, all Bridger Bowl season passes, lift tickets, lessons and rental information will be issued on the new BRIDGER BOWL CARD using RFID technology. The BRIDGER BOWL CARD simplifies access to the mountain and connects the cardholder’s information with their purchases. Create a new account online and reload your BRIDGER BOWL CARD with season passes, lift ticket products, rentals or lessons at any time. Skip the ticket window and go straight to the lift. Reuse BRIDGER BOWL CARDS to load products for 2021/22 season (replacement fee $5 per card).

A BRIDGER BOWL CARD must be purchased online before buying Lift Tickets, Any Day Packs and reserving Rentals. There is a one-time purchase price of $5—included with season passes—after which the BRIDGER BOWL CARD can be reloaded at no cost. All user information is stored securely, strictly private and not accessible to other users or employees without permission.

Please review Bridger Bowl's complete Season Pass Terms & Conditions, before purchasing a pass product.

Unlimited Season Passes

Unrestricted Skiing All Season

Unlimited Season Passes are not currently for sale.

Midweek Season Passes

Skiing Monday–Friday

Ski for
on weekends (Make a Day Ticket Reservation)

Midweek Season Passes are not currently for sale.

Day Tickets

*A Bridger Bowl Card is required for purchase

TicketAgesSingle Day
Adult19 – 69
Junior *NEW*13 – 18
Child7 – 12
Preschool6 & under
Senior70 – 79
Super Senior80 & over
Beginner Lifts Only
Sundog, Flurry & Snowflake
  • Day Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • Active military members who present a valid ID will receive a discounted ticket rate of
    . Please make a reservation to ski under Other Pass Products

Any Day Packs

Any Day Packs are not currently for sale.

Choose 3-5 days this season, including holidays. May be used on nonconsecutive days.

3 Day19 – 69
4 Day19 – 69
5 Day19 – 69
Any Day Packs are non-refundable, non-transferable and expire on the closing day of the season purchased.