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Bridger Bowl Association

Skiing enthusiasts have enjoyed the area known as Bridger Bowl since the mid 1940’s. Motivated by this early interest, the State of Montana negotiated with land owners, and in 1949 purchased 120 acres for access to the Gallatin National Forest and a proposed State Park and ski area.

A rope-tow was installed in 1951, but the Bridger Mountain State Park struggled and never really materialized. Undaunted, local ski enthusiasts organized themselves and continued with plans to develop a winter sports area.

The Bozeman State Park and Recreation Association was formed in 1954, and through the efforts of over 60 volunteers, the original platter lift was opened to the public in January of 1955.

The organization was granted 501(c) (4) Nonprofit Status with membership open to Montana residents 18 years of age and older. The association’s name was changed to the Bridger Bowl Association in 1971.

As a nonprofit organization, the association relies on a well informed and involved membership base to understand Bridger Bowl’s historical development and help steer the ski area into the future. This is guided by Bridger Bowl’s mission statement: to plan, develop and maintain facilities and services in a financially sound manner which provide the best possible skiing experience at a reasonable cost to local, regional and destination skiers.

This is done so by attending association meetings held twice annually (May and November), constructively voicing concerns and comments, electing board members and voting for or against any changes to the bylaws.

The organization is governed by a board of nine directors who are elected by the Bridger Bowl Association. Board members serve as volunteers for a three year term and for a maximum of three consecutive terms. Board members have monthly board meetings and each serve on several committees.


Sign up for a BBA membership right now online for $25 or pay the annual $10 dues to keep membership current. If more than $10 in dues are owed, please increase the number of items to pay dues in full.

Membership is limited to Montana residents (physical address required) ages 18 & over.
Board of Directors
Jake Werner
Joe Seymour
Dennis Steinhauer
Dave Weaver
Vice President
Jennifer StarkJulie Bennett
Recording Secretary
Dan Oliver
Pat HoffmanHiram Towle
Director of Operations
Holly TarlowTodd Goertzen
Standing Committees
Long-Range PlanningJoeToddPat
Ad Hoc Committee


Members of the Association are advised of the following provisions of 35-2-906 (5) M.C.A.

(5) A corporation shall keep a copy of the following records at its principal office or a location from which the records be can recovered within 2 business days:

(a) its articles or restated articles of incorporation and all amendments to them currently in effect;

(b) its bylaws or restated bylaws and all amendments to them currently in effect;

(c) resolutions adopted by its board of directors relating to the characteristics, qualifications, rights, limitations, and obligations of members or any class or category of members;

(d) the minutes of all meetings of members and the records of all actions approved by the members for the past 3 years;

(g) its most recent annual report delivered to the secretary of state under 35-2-904.